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Do we think that we are the best Jumper Company in the nation? We don't think so, all we know is that we love making and renting jumpers, and have acquired a lot of positive feedback from our customers that gives us confidence to believe we are. One thing we are sure of when you contact Jump-n-Jump for your inflatable jumper needs, you are going to receive our very best when it comes to quality, service, and value!

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About Jump-n-Jump: Provider of Top Quality Inflatable Jumpers

Established in 2001, and operating in Fontana CA, Jump-n-Jump fully manufactures, rents, and repairs all types of jumpers. Our goal here is to bring a lot of bounce and laughter to any and all events. Our fun and exciting jumpers are sure to thrill children and adults of all ages!

We carry almost any kind of jumper there is here. If you would like to take a look at our latest jumpers please see our newest creations on our home page Store or Product Search, or call us and if you would like to visit us in person check down below to see where we are located. Whether it's a birthday party in the park, a wild wedding party, or a company event, we have the products to make your occasion a success. Thank you for taking the time to view our website! Please feel free to message us or call us at (909) 873-8487 for your next event and we'll be sure to get that party jumping!

What Keeps Us Going? Jumper Stories Like This!

A little story about why I wanted to call this slide Thrill Hill When I was a kid, there was a spot on a hill in my home town of Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, that if you drove fast enough (a little over the speed limit), it would give a feeling in your stomach and the hill was nick named, Thrill Hill. That part of the road was modified to take out the dip because too many people were speeding on that part of the road trying to get that thrill.

It is a favorite memory of my childhood when my dad would say as he picked up speed, Hold on, here comes Thrill Hill. Well, that hill is gone, and so is my dad (in 2000 with cancer). Now, thanks to Jump-n-Jump, I now have my own version of Thrill Hill to let thousands of kids have their own childhood memory of their own Thrill Hill experience.

-Ross Squires, St. Johns Newfoundland, Canada

Jump N Jump Customer
About the Safety of Our Inflatable Products:

Our inflatables are lead-safe. All our product materials are tested and verified to have lead levels below 70ppm (Particles per million). Federal limits on lead in childrens products are 90ppm for painted surfaces and 300ppm for all other parts.

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