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A little story about why I wanted to call this slide “Thrill Hill”...When I was a kid, there was a spot on a hill in my home town of Portugal Cove, Newfoundland, Canada, that if you drove fast enough (a little over the speed limit), it would give a feeling in your stomach and the hill was nick named, “Thrill Hill”.  That part of the road was modified to take out the dip because too many people were speeding on that part of the road trying to get that thrill.

It is a favorite memory of my childhood when my dad would say as he picked up speed, “Hold on, here comes Thrill Hill”. Well,  that hill is gone, and so is my dad (in 2000 with cancer). Now, thanks to Jump-n-Jump, I now have my own version of “Thrill Hill” to let thousands of kids have their own childhood memory of their own “Thrill Hill” experience.                         



                                 -Ross Squires, St. John's Newfoundland, Canada

                                                    Jump N Jump Customer

Our inflatables are lead-safe. All our product materials are tested and verified to have lead levels below 70ppm (Particles per million). Federal limits on lead in children's products are 90ppm for painted surfaces and 300ppm for all other parts.

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We carry almost any kind of jumper here at Jump-N-Jump. If you would like to take a look at out latest jumpers please call us. Thank you for taking the time to view our Web site! Please feel free to contact us for your next event and we'll be sure to get that party jumpin'.


We can set up on grass, small rock, cement, asphalt, dirt (small clean up fee applies for dirt). You must have ample room for the inflatable. The inflatables can not open into or near a pool. Please turn off all sprinklers, and have yard free of all foreign items before we arrive. During rental period if there should be any problem with the equipment at anytime, call us at (909)873-8487

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Delivery Charges

No delivery fee is charged if the event is within our delivery area. If the event is outside our delivery area, a minimal delivery fee will be charged (delivery fees vary).


We set up in most city parks. It is your responsability to contact the park to reserve a Ramada with them. Some parks require you to pay a permit fee to the park and may also require insurance wich we can provide for an additional fee. They may also allow you to use an electrical outlet, if they do not, you can rent a generator from us or you can rent one on your own.


1. Deposits for Mechanical Bulls, Insurance, Pinatas, Portable Restrooms and Table Cloths are not refundable 2. We require Deposits for Mechanical Bulls, Insurance, Pinatas, Portable Restrooms and Table Cloths 3. All cancellations must be done 48 hours prior to date of event or subject to a cancellation fee 4. Restocking fee will be 3.5% of the amount of your total, this does not apply to your deposit

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